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​Making Wood Sing since 2002

Our History

Brozovich Guitars - Making Wood Sing:

It all started with the $85 bass.  It was bright blue.  The action was OK, but the sound was not.  So after playing it for a while I put in new pickups.  Then I kept modding - removing the lower horn, throwing a dowel in the end to turn it into an upright, eventually stripping off the thick blue paint to reveal a cheap plywood body.

My friend Adam said, "You should just make your own."  I thought, "No way", but I went out and picked up a book, bought some poplar from the local home improvement store and got to work.  My first bass wasn't a thing of beauty, but it played and sounded good enough to be the gigging bass for my band.

I brought it to work one day to show to my friend Joel.  The next day he asked me, "How much would you charge to build me one?"  And so it began and continues to this day.  Word of mouth, one musician to another, a chance encounter in an elevator with case in hand...

As a musician I understand the things that matter most to players.  Here are the things that guide my work.

  • See. Each instrument must be a work of art that pays tribute to the trees it came from and the Creator who made them. 
  • Hear. It's all about the sound. Tone, resonance, and playability are paramount. Each instrument must sound amazing.
  • Touch. Form, function, balance, and comfort. Every curve matters. Each instrument must feel at home in your hands.

Whatever your inspiration, I'd be honored to help bring it to life. 


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